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About Sam

Sam LeDoux is an educator, public servant, activist and native New Mexican who was raised in the beautiful Española Valley. His family has lived in Northern New Mexico for over 10 generations. Sam grew up in district 4 in Española in the neighborhood of Valley Estates and currently lives in El Llano, he attended both Española Valley and Pojoaque Valley schools and graduated from Pojoaque in 2010. 


After high school Sam stayed in the Valley and earned two associates degrees from Northern New Mexico College in Business Administration and General Studies. At Northern Sam served on the Student Senate as Vice President. Sam completed his undergraduate education at New Mexico Highlands University in 2015 earning a Bachelors in Business Administration. Sam earned a Master's degree in Political Management from The George Washington University in Washington D.C. in 2020.


Sam has spent his entire adult life fighting for causes he’s believed in, working on

various political campaigns across the country to serve in the administrations of 2 Governors as well as working in the New Mexico State legislature for 3 sessions. Sam continues to find ways to serve his community and is also a professor at Grand Canyon University where he is teaching communications classes. He’s also an active Parishioner at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Santa Cruz.


Sam decided to run for Española City council because he’s always been passionate about his hometown. However with the ever increasing crime wave, opioid epidemic and poor economy, Sam felt called to come home to help solve the large issues his home town is facing. Sam wants to make Española a city that is easier, safer, and a better place to live. This means making Española an easier place to do business by reducing tax and regulation burdens on business owners, working closer with those who wish to build in our community, and making Española more affordable so our kids can stay and move back to the city. It also means working closer with the Counties and State police to crack down on crimes like drug dealing and theft. While also making sure our first responders and police are properly funded and supported.


Safer, Stronger, Better. Vote Sam LeDoux for Española

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